Health & Safetly

Health and Safety Policy at Optima Racing Team



We are not trying to eliminate all danger, that would be impossible. However, it is important that all Optima Racing Team athletes follow the clear rules as set out by the British Triathlon Federation (BTF):

For detailed advice and help see the links at the bottom of the page.

In addition we have added below a list of additional Optima specific points that will allow us to continue to train in a safe, competitive and successful environment.



Each athlete should have a medical to ensure that they are fit to carry out high intensity and endurance type training

We will be asking all parents and guardians of under 18s to sign a disclaimer. This will be circulated shortly.



The Optima coached swim sessions all year round are held at Chiswick Pool.

All athletes need to familiarise themselves with the emergency procedures of the pool

The head coach or in his absence at least a level 1 trained coach are always present at these sessions.
It is the responsibility of all athletes to follow the coaches instructions.



During the warmer months, Optima Racing Team will use the open water swimming facilities in the surrounding lakes.

All athletes must follow the guidelines (including signing any disclaimers required) as set out by the managers of the open water swimming facilities.



The Optima rides are not coached sessions.

All cyclists ride at their own risk.

No-one under 14 is permitted to attend the group ride.

All cyclists must be familiar with the rules on cycling on open roads. These can be found on sections 59-82 of the Highway Code:

All bikes should be well maintained and roadworthy.

Everyone must wear a helmet and carry water.

In addition all cyclists must carry a phone, money, 2 spare inner tubes, tire levers and a hand pump.

Racing tires should not be used for training rides.

A rain jacket must also be carried (regardless of the weather). This should be placed in the back middle pocket as a protection and in case of an accident can be used in first aid.

Pumps and other hard objects must be stored in the side pockets in order not to cause further damage in the case of an accident from behind.

It is the responsibility for every cyclist to be familiar with the routes of the standard Optima rides. Typically these include Windsor and the Surrey Hills / Box Hill.

The coach will advise on the route the day before the ride or if weather makes this impossible he will decide on the day.

He will also inform the group of the one person who has agreed to stay at home and be the contact person in case of accident or emergency. This contact person will then be responsible for contacting the relevant parent or guardian in the case of an accident.

The maximum size for a group is 8.

Each group should ideally have as its group leader an experienced rider.

The coach will pair each rider with another rider of similar ability. It is then everyone’s responsibility both to keep up with the group and also to look out for anyone in danger of dropping off the group.

In the case of an accident you are not expected to carry out first aid unless trained to do so.

The group leader should contact the emergency services or if the leader himself is in an accident then another group member will make the call.



When running in an Optima training run it is important to be aware of other road / track / footpath users

When running at night always wear a head torch.



The Thursday sessions are done under the supervision of the Head Coach.

The gym contains valuable coaching equipment.

Any breakages will be paid for by the athlete.

In addition the Tuesday sessions are organised without coaching supervision.

The parents of any athlete not prepared to accept liability for their own child should no longer allow their child to participate in those sessions.



When racing it is the responsibility of each athlete to be aware of and follow the rules outlined by the British Triathlon and the organisers of the race:

While racing and wearing Optima team kit each athlete is representing the team and must behave in a way that reflects well on the team as a whole.



British Triathlon has very detailed rules and regulations on the subject of safeguarding.

As a member of the British Triathlon Federation, Optima Racing Team takes this issue seriously and follows closely these guidelines. The Safeguarding Officer ensures this policy is followed.



Optima Racing Team is committed to clean sport. For detailed advice, support and more information see here: