Optima Racing Team - London's Premier Triathlon Club.

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Final League Positions

Overall League

1. Optima Racing Team
2. Crystal Palace Triathletes
3. Serpentine Running Club

Overall League

1 Rory Atkins Optima Racing Team
2 Anthony Haynes Optima Racing Team
3 Greg Lewis Crystal Palace Triathletes
4 Angus beaumont Serpentine Running Club
5 Jonathan Horsman Crystal Palace Triathletes
6 Ian Taylor SLH Tri Club
7 Susan Fairfax Crystal Palace Triathletes
8 Matt Chapman SLH Tri Club
9 Luke Penney Optima Racing Team
10 Tim Male Thames Turbo Triathlon Club

Open Female

1 Susan Fairfax Crystal Palace Triathletes
2 Katie Crowe Crystal Palace Triathletes
3 Beckie Woodland SLH Tri Club
4 Parys Edwards Ful-on Tri
5 Christina Jenkins Ful-on Tri
6 Ellie Walton Optima Racing Team
7 Emily Parry Crystal Palace Triathletes
8 Sophia Saller Optima Racing Team
9 Lucie Custance Clapham Chasers
10 Sara Demonti Serpentine Running Club

Open Men

1 Rory Atkins Optima Racing Team
2 Anthony Haynes Optima Racing Team
3 Angus beaumont Serpentine Running Club
4 Matt Chapman SLH Tri Club
5 Luke Penney Optima Racing Team
6 Tim Male Thames Turbo Triathlon Club
7 Rob Parry Crystal Palace Triathletes
8 Keith Brewster Crystal Palace Triathletes
9 Daniel Morton Serpentine RC
10 Oliver De Montfort Wimbledon Windmilers

Female Veteran

1 Hilary Hillhouse Kingfisher Triathletes
2 Andrea Sanders-Reece Mornington Chasers
4 Tamsin Booth Ful-on Tri
5 Ruth Hutton Thames Turbo Triathlon Club
6 Suzetta Guerrini Ful-on Tri
7 Clare Parkholm Serpentine RC
9 Nici Cahusac RG Active Race Team

Male Veteran

1 Greg Lewis Crystal Palace Triathletes
2 Jonathan Horsman Crystal Palace Triathletes
3 Ian Taylor SLH Tri Club
4 Maarten Sollewijn Gelpke Kingfisher Triathletes
5 James Richens Serpentine Running Club
6 Paul Deen Wimbledon Windmilers
7 Mark Thomas Crystal Palace Triathletes
8 Mark Brown Crystal Palace Triathletes
9 David Staton
10 Andrew Ormesher Clapham Chasers

Female Super Veteran

3 Christine Meek D3 Triathlon
4 Sandra Blenkinsop Kingfisher Triathletes
6 Beverley Childs RAF Triathlon
8 KAREN COLE RG Active Race Team

Male Super Veteran

1 Roger Pratt Wimbledon Windmilers
2 Mike Everington Kingfisher Triathletes
3 James Hoadley Wimbledon Windmilers
4 Neil Mitchell Thames Turbo
7 Mark Greenwood D3 Triathlon
8 James Marler Optima Racing Team
9 Simon North Hillingdon Triathletes
10 Keith Freegard D3 Triathlon