Optima Racing Team - London's Premier Triathlon Club.

  • British Triathlon approved
  • Age Groupers from Novices to Elite
  • Ironman Triathletes from first timers to sub 9 hour performers
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  • The only UK club to train an Olympian
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    The best and most welcoming Tri club in West London
  • Affiliated to Triathlon England
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    Race day dawned bright and clear with no wind. This was a big plus compared to the previous two years, when the rain and high winds had caused havoc. The organisers had remembered the weather – transition was indoors in the Echo Arena.
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    I’m not sure I ever truly expected to race on the Big Island. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to. As an athlete and fan of the sport it was always the dream and I promised myself and the “Kona Gods” I would not step foot on the island unless I qualified to race.
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    Kona isn’t just the race itself, but the whole show – the experience of all that’s good and ridiculous about this sport – and most importantly sharing it all with friends. If you make it just about the race then given the hostility of the conditions there’s every chance you’ll leave t
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    Have you noticed how not all text alerts are equal? Some ping in, in such a way that you know its not good. Malevolent texts. At 7.32 on Sunday, as I checked off the packing and idly considered the merits of a second number two, my phone announced one of those texts you know is not go
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    Ironman is a stupid enough way to spend a day at the best of times – so racing Zurich four weeks after my Fast-But-Not-Quite-Fast-Enough 9:05 at Austria was always going to be ‘interesting’ and the range of possible outcomes was rather wide – from a tiny chance of a better race than A
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    On the 10th July, I competed in the Women only Shock Absorber race in Eton Dorney. It was an all ages wave, however I was the only competitor in my wave in Tristar 3, and it was the only event open to me, as I am 12 years old. The swim was 200m and, as it is my best event, I found it
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    Almost as soon as I had crossed the line at Kona last year then I knew my goal for Austria this year was sub-9. I’ve got some friends – freaks – for whom this is a walk in the park and many – let’s call them ‘normal’ people – for whom it’s ridiculous, which it clearl
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    This was my second ‘half ironman’ distance event. The course showed as pancake flat so would never get easier (that’s a relative term). This year I had Kamal as a training/racing buddy to be the chimp on my shoulder when I started to waiver. The warm dry weather of e
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    I did only one standard distance last year, so time to up my game and the first of this years planned Olympic distance events was the Windsor, with around 2000 athletes. With Judy setting off on her sprint at 0615 it was an early start, no birds died on the way in this time which was
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    First open water sprint race of the season for me and Judy, a day of sunshine, optimism, a new Tri suit and an unexpected death. It was me or the pigeon. I was in a car driving at 60mph and the pigeon wasn’t. It took off from beside the road and aimed to fly over my car, not app
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    After my disappointing race in Chicago, I was adamant that I wasn’t going to end the season then and there. I had, in any event, planned to do a World Cup in Cozumel but binned that idea, recovered for a week and then put my head down for a last little effort at a World Cup in Alanya,
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